Setting New Standards for Functional Restoration

Facilitating healing and reducing
chronic pain by work with the nervous
system to rebalance and restructure bodies.


LMT in Dayton, Washington. Ive been a practicing LMT for 11 years. I am currently certified in (40hrs+ per cert):
-Graston Specialist
-PPSC Certified (pain free performance) -Manual Lymphatic Drainage
-Foundations of Stuctural Integration (Anatomy Trains)
Through varying techniques, I work directly with clients who have body imbalances, chronic pain, and past injuries.

Kahla placing cups on a clients back during a cupping session.
“A year ago I left a review but I’ll just add to it today ☺️ besides from her great massages and her helping me through this pregnancy working on my low back and hips. I love how flexible she is with her schedule with me, as much as she can. Working as a nurse our schedules don’t always line up but I can always count on receiving a message from her about cancellations. She knows that sometimes that’s what works best for me and never seems to forget about me! I am so thankful for that and for her kind, caring friendship 💓”
“Kahla’s constantly learning new techniques to give her clients the best! Her cupping is phenomenal and helped so much with the random aches and pains of life, especially when I was pregnant. 10/10 recommend.”
“Kahla was awesome! She helped me out with my neck and upper back that has been bothering me for a few years now due to a motorcycle accident. My neck hasn't felt this great in a long time! I would definitely recommend her to any one that is looking for a good massage therapist!”
“I absolutely recommend everything about Kahla and her business. Professional and skilled in her work. She will take the time to talk about what you’re feeling and options to help heal your body! Also, let’s just touch on her smile....Heart warming and genuine. I always leave not only relaxed, more functional but uplifted!!”
“Kahla keeps me mobile! Massage and cupping has helped me with a lot of pain.”
“Kahla is the best. After every session I feel great and ready to go and her studio is amazing.”
“Kahla is amazing. She listens to what your saying and truly cares about you and the process of massage.”
“Kahla is amazing. She listens to what your saying and truly cares about you and the process of massage.”
“LOVE going to see Kahla! We used the THC-free CDB lotion last time for pain relief and I felt like a million bucks! Very comfortable, clean, and relaxing atmosphere. 10/10 recommend. 💕”
“Kahla is amazing at what she does. Smart, kind, personable and highly educated on the body’s needs and remedies. The most darling girl with such a comfortable atmosphere and training to help ease the pain and struggles away. Love love love her!!”
“Kahla is constantly continuing her education. She has helped in so many muscle groups. I love my visits. Always clean, always listens, and I appreciate the reminders via text!”
“I waited forever to get a massage from Kahla because of my crazy schedule and the fact I live in Spokane but one day the stars aligned and I was able to see her and it was amazing! I had been having repeated headaches and neck pain and after one appointment with her I was headache free for about 6 weeks! 🙌🏼 Cannot wait to go back!”
“Fantastic! Great environment, excellent service. Felt amazing, during and after. Pain completely gone, and only after one visit!”
“Kahla has the gift of touch and the desire for you to heal. I highly recommend her!  I have had to cancel several of my appointments for her facials, which I hear are fabulous.”
“Very relaxing atmosphere. She will visit with you if you want or will just keep quiet. Very enjoyable.”
“Love the feeling of relieved tension and tightness in my muscles. Each visit gets better and better. Highly recommend 🙌🏼 Kahla is amazing !”
“My dad said that he has more movement in his neck now, without pain...You’ve accomplished more in one session than 3 Drs, 2 physical therapists, and 2 massage therapists...over 4 years.”


All clients will receive a completely customized session based off of the individual client needs. Nothing here is a copy/paste situation.

I also believe that your massage should never exceed a 7/10 on a pain scale. Discomfort is okay but anything more than that can send your body into a sympathetic response entering fight or flight, rendering the work after that, useless.

Please always communicate with your therapist if you need any changes to your pressure, techniques, or need any of the bolstering adjusted. This is your session and how you are feeling during your session is important. What you have to say is important.

Thank you for your consideration and for making it this far.

Now let‘s get to work!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to text, call, or email and i'd be happy to help!


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If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to text, call, or email and i'd be happy to help!


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